How it started

Serve the Burg is a village-wide service project day open to anyone and everyone!

It started in November of 2017 with the idea of showing care and love to our neighbors in a real and tangible way. Then the idea came to invite everyone in town to participate. And that’s where we are today.

Serve the Burg is a quarterly community service project day for the Village of Centerburg and the surrounding community. We do one-time, large, seasonal projects for the village, the township, the schools, and for residents. It’s the things we just can’t get around to all that often, like cleaning the high school bleachers, trimming the brush along the Heart of Ohio Trail, painting the curbs or the playgrounds, and mulching the parks. But many hands can make light work of it all! And it’s also focused on our neighbors individually. We love to aid our senior citizens with projects they find difficult to accomplish themselves. Like moving furniture, cleaning gutters, rebuilding handrails, or weeding gardens. And we are also fortunate to be able to serve an extra Meals on Wheels lunch on our service days for those in the program.

Our volunteers come together four times a year, once for each season, and help out wherever need be. And our Partners help us organize, promote, and act out Serve the Burg in an quality way.

We invite you to come and be a part of the community. Hope to see you there!